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One Fine Canine is owned and operated by Chad and Beth. It had its grand opening in the spring of 2008 in the city of Rochester, New York. In May of 2010 One Fine Canine moved to its current location in Walworth NY, just outside of Penfield.

Chad is the all important "behind the scenes guy."  He gets all the praise for the beautiful work space that One Fine Canine Salon is and get much credit for giving Beth the opportunity she now has to be able to work from home and serve fellow dog owners.

Beth is the groomer/manager of One Fine Canine. Beth began her dog grooming experience over 25 years ago as a junior handler showing and training her own dogs in 4H and also for local breeders in the Ithaca, New York area. This experience was a spring board for Beth into the grooming world professionally. During high school and summers off from college Beth worked as a groomer at a nearby boarding kennel and also from home. After her college years Beth returned to the grooming profession full time. She spent six years working for Peg Eighmey of the Poodle Shack in Penfield, New York. During that time Chad and Beth were blessed with two children. Once their kids were of school age Beth felt the Lord leading her to be home full time and this then would begin the inspiration for "One Fine Canine". Beth loves what she does. She loves to work with the dogs and use her creativity in grooming them. Working from home would provide Chad and Beth a means to home school their kids while providing clients a friendly, low stress grooming salon experience where dogs could be handled and cared for one on one in a relaxed environment. Chad and Beth are blessed to be able to open their home to their clients in this way.  They are also thankful to God for the gifts and skills He has given them and they strive to show their gratitude by giving back to the work God wants to do in the lives of people. (Please see the "Giving Back" page to learn more.)

Our family 2010

And Introducing:

 "Brambleberry Hobby Farm"

Home of our children's very own Bantam Cochin Chickens, Call Ducks and Teddy Guinea Pigs.

"Brambleberry" is inspired by the wild Raspberries that grow all over our property. Our children also are our inspiration for our hobby farm. They are the proud owners and exhibitors of Bantam Cochin Chickens, Call ducks and Teddy Guinea pigs. They both will show and raise their animals in 4H.  Please feel free to sit back and enjoy a little tour of our "hobby farm" through pictures.

Meet "Buttercup:" our son's Bantam Blue Cochin hen. She is shown here raising her first batch of chicks.

"Happy hens make healthy eggs!"

As the laying season permits, we offer fresh eggs by the half dozen and dozen.

.....available upon request.

"Luke" crowing:  "All is well on Brambleberry Farm."

Meet Anakin, Buttercup and Padmae, our son's Bantam Cochin Chickens. Our son is very proud of them.

(A "Bantam" is the miniature version of standard breeds of chickens)

Our very own "Call Ducks:"

("Call Ducks are miniature ducks.)

Meet "Ronny", the Snowy Call drake and "Pipsqueak" the Pastel Call drake. And introducing "Maxine," Our female Snowy.


And also introducing.....

"Brambleberry Cavies"

"Chico" was our daughter's very first Teddy Guinea Pig....."Chico" died unexpectedly early in his life. He was an amazing pet in that short time for our kids and we still miss him. He is the inspiration for our daughter's new 4H cavy project. Our daughter's desire is to re-produce that same breed quality and great temperament that she admired so much in Chico.

Here are some of the "foundation pigs" for our daughter's 4H breeding program. A special "thank you" to Shelley Manley of The Shire Cavies, Penny Christopher of Briar Patch Cavies and Kathy Francen of Simply Cavies in Michigan for helping our daughter get started in the world of loving, showing and breeding pedigreed Teddy Guinea Pigs.


Brambleberry Mikey X The Shire's Charlotte


Give us a call to see which babies are currently for sale.  New litters expected in April 2013.


Thanks for stopping by! Check back often for updates and new photos!






















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