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"One Fine Canine" prides itself on pleasing you, the owner. We also believe that each dog should be the best it can be in how it represents its dominant breed. We want your dog to walk out of our door feeling like “one fine canine!”

   One Fine Canine is more than a "shave down dog wash!" With over 20 years of experience we can offer you a variety of "clip styles" to best compliment your dog’s characteristics and your lifestyle.  Our "clip styles" can be breed specific or personalized to your request. We can assist you in finding a style that best fits your needs and desires.

    Our Services and Policies: 



"Full Groom Services"

Includes: A warm bath with spa quality shampoos and conditioners that are tailored to your pet’s skin and coat needs. Hand fluff drying (no heaters or cage drying here!). Nails trimmed and filed. Coat styled as requested.  Ears are checked and cleaned/plucked as needed.  A bow or bandana and lots of praise to top it off. (nippy and badly matted dogs: expect to pay $10+ extra on top of  full groom price)

Anal Sacs:

 It is our policy that we do not attempt to express anal sacs. There are too many risks involved and its best left to a veterinary professional.

Ear health and plucking:

Ears are checked and cleaned as needed during an appointment. Ears that are packed with hair can lead to infection. We do pluck ears as needed but  we will only pluck as much in one grooming session as your dog is comfortable with. IF your dog appears to have an ear infection we will skip ear plucking until you seek veterinary treatment. Before your grooming appointment, we recommend that you speak to your vet about your dog's needs as each vet varies in how to approach plucking and ear care.

*****If you bathe your dog at home: please be sure to put cotton balls in the ear canal to block water. Water in the ear canals can lead to ear infections- see the ears below:

Does your dog's inner ear look gooey or crusty? Or swollen and red? Is your dog shaking his head or scratching at his ears a lot? Does it sound like there is water in his ear when you massage it? Does the ear smell bad? Chances are high that he has an infection. Please seek veterinary care.

Hand Stripping/Plucking/Carding:

While we do not provide "show" stripping and plucking services we do strive to maintain high standards of pet grooming. We do "card" some pet's coats to help maintain or to help restore the natural coat texture and to help promote healthy skin and coats.

Over time clipper blades can ruin the natural texture and change the true colors of a coat. Clipping the coat without carding can also cause skin problems common especially in Terriers. With carding of the excess/dead undercoat from certain breeds we can help your dog look and feel its best. Some Terriers and the Sporting breeds especially benefit from this process.

The American Cocker and Irish Setter pictured above are pets but have not had clippers on their backs. Their coats have been carded to maintain the natural beauty and color of their breed. If clippers were used on these dogs, they would loose that natural sheen and deep red coat color.

 As a part of a "Full Groom Service," five minutes of carding is done for appropriate breeds. As needed, further "carding" can be done to continue to card out dead undercoat.  Due to the physical effort and amount of time this can take there is an "add-on fee" for this service.  (See below)

This Cairn Terrier is being "carded" to remove dead undercoat.....this pile of fluff is all undercoat removed by "carding".


Flea Problems?

It is our policy here at “One Fine Canine” that dogs known to be infested with fleas must first be treated with a vet recommended flea repellant/treatment before making an appointment. 

Our salon is located within our home we do not want to take the chance of infestation.

PLEASE NOTE: Your dog is welcome here for an appointment once he has been treated for at least two days to give the medication a chance to begin working.  We can then pamper your pup with our shampoo and conditioner made specifically for flea bitten / flea bite-allergic dogs which will sooth their skin.  Our shampoos will not wash out the flea treatment.

If your dog does have fleas, please speak to your vet as to the best course of action to prevent further infestations….such measures may include treating your home and yard as well as your other pets.

In regards to buying flea treatments: cheaper is not always better! Generic brands do not perform the same as vet recommended brands. Nor are they as safe! Do your homework and be very careful what you put on your pet!

Please visit our "links" page to learn more about "Flea Treats" natural flea/tick repellent. We have used it for our pets with success.



What a great smile!

"Breath Freshening/Tooth Brushing Service"

Tooth brushing is an important part of your dog's over all health. While we do offer this service it is only affective if it is also done at home regularly.  At your request we will brush your dog's teeth/gums using a specially designed oral hygiene gel. This service is only attempted on healthy dogs who will allow it without objection. 

In the best interest of your pet, if your dog has bad breath/tartar build up/inflamed gums it is best to seek veterinary advice before having a brushing service done. Brushing a dog's teeth that has bleeding gums can introduce the infection to the blood stream.

Please visit the "links" page to find information about "Petz life Oral Health Gel." It is what we use here at One Fine Canine.



"Tidy-Up Service" 

Does your dog need a "freshening up" but not a full body hair cut?  This is the service for you!

The "Tidy Up" Includes: A warm bath and hand fluff drying, nails trimmed, face, sanitary areas and feet tidied up. A bow or bandana to top it off.  (matted dogs are excluded. dogs that have excessive shedding will require a regular grooming price due to the extra labor involved.)



"Puppy Introductions"

The most important groom of your puppy’s life is its first groom!

To help your puppy have a good experience at the groomer please brush, comb and handle all areas of your pup daily.  This is an important part of raising and training a puppy.  This is best done when your puppy is tired and ready to be still.

Your pup’s first experience to the scissors, clippers and dryers, if not done with its breeder, should be done with a professional by 4 months of age.


 The "puppy intro service":

Includes: A warm bath and fluff drying with lots of hugs and kisses.  Introductions to the sounds and the feel of clippers, dryers, brushes and scissors: with the face, feet, sanitary areas trimmed. Nails trimmed and filed. Topped off with a bow or bandana and lots of praise.

(for pups 8 weeks to 5 months only. Older pups or pups needing full body trimming will require a full groom price.)

De-Matting / Shave downs and Special Handling

De-matting and shaving a dog’s matted coat can be a stressful and uncomfortable experience for your pet. To avoid putting your dog through this please regularly COMB your dog’s coat through to the skin. Medium tooth, metal dog combs are best -see below:

Owners whose dogs prove to be extremely difficult to groom safely will be charged extra. The groomer reserves the right to end the grooming appointment if the dog is so out of control that it’s safety or the groomer’s safety is in question.  The owner is still responsible to pay for the grooming service in full.

$10 per 5 minutes of extra work/time lost will added on to the quoted groom price for matted coats as well as for dogs who are extremely difficult to groom. (The normal groom time is 1 hour and 20 minutes.)

Brushing/Bathing Your Dog at Home:

If you bathe your dog at home it MUST be combed out and mat-free before the bath or the water will only make the mats worse. Mats most commonly form at the skin and work their way out....brushing without combing can miss the mats forming underneath ...be sure you can see and comb all the way down to the skin- see the difference below:

This coat is mat-free. We can comb it through and part it down to the skin:

But this coat cannot be combed or parted easily= it is matted:


This beautiful Lhasa Apso just arrived for a light trim. Her coat feels fluffy and appears to be brushed out:


But look what we find hiding underneath when we try to comb the coat through:

What happened!? Most mats start at the skin and the brush wasn't reaching down through the coat far enough. The owner didn't realize that mats were forming even though he was brushing. This matted coat could not be saved. The most humane thing to do for this dog was to shave the coat and start fresh. It is important to brush the coat at least every other day, down to the skin. Then check your work with a comb.

Grooming Table and Tub Safety:

Why we use a "double restraint" while grooming your dog:

We use a "restraint" while bathing and grooming your pet for safety reasons. Even the most well behaved dog should wear one just in case something startles or tempts them to jump off or spin around on the table.

We find that the "double restraint" technique helps dogs feel more secure and they are actually calmer and more relaxed. Even dogs who have been turned away from other grooming salons do well here. We believe its due to the relaxed one-on-one environment, the security of the double noose and the groomer's calm disposition.


"Nail Trim Only"

Need a quick trim in between grooms? Give a call and get your pet’s nails trimmed and filed in minutes.  For excessively long nails...come in every two weeks so we can try to move the veins back and slowly get those nails to a safe and comfortable length.

This service is also available for cats, rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs.



Prices for Services Offered:

Many factors effect the price of each service. Factors include: the size of the dog, the condition and amount of coat we are working with, the dog's behavior and the type of styling you would like to have done.

For double coated breeds, the amount of time spent brushing also comes into play as working with a thick undercoat can be a time consuming and labor intensive task.


"Full Groom Services" Quotes begin at $40 and includes sales tax. (See above for details.)

"Tidy-Up’s"                    Quotes begin at $25. (see above for details.)

"Puppy Intro"                $25. (for pups under 5 months of age. See above for details.)

"Nail Trim Only"            $6. (See above for more details. we do cats, bunnies, ferrets and guinea pigs too!)


"Breath freshening/Tooth Brushing":  $6. (we use "Petz Life Oral Gel." See our links page to learn more)

"Carding Service": new price! $3 for each additional 5 minutes of coat work. (for sporting and some terrier breeds)

"De-matting/Shave-down/Special Handling Fee: $10 for each additional 5 minutes of work.


"Rescue Rewards": $5 off your first visit.  For owners who have recently adopted from a local rescue/shelter. (Must show proof of adoption and schedule your appointment within 30 days of adoption.)

"Regular's Rewards": $5 off your next appointment. (for owners who book appointments ahead on a 4-6 wk schedule and keep their dogs matt-free)

"Referral Rewards":  $5 off your next visit. For current One Fine Canine clients who refer a new client to us. ( TIP: "If you would feel comfortable inviting that person and their dog to your home, you are more than welcome to invite them to ours!") 


Please note the following:

1- We can only accept dogs under 60 pounds.

2- We no longer take dogs who are known to bite the groomer or kids.

Thank you for your understanding.




*pictures on this site are the property of One Fine Canine of Rochester, NY and may not be used.

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