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Before, During & After: "The Carding Process."








"The Three Step Carding Process":

Rambo, Bubba, Spencer and Charlie (shown above) demonstrate the benefits of having undercoat "stripped out": less undercoat means less shedding, a more manageable coat, and a more natural finish!  This is a beneficial grooming process for most terriers and sporting breeds.  This process can also help to preserve/restore some of their natural coat texture and color and promote healthy skin. 

Step 1: undercoat is "carded" (raked out with special tools) by hand.  

 Step 2: a soothing medicated bath and hand drying.

Step 3: the finishing styling is done.

Want that natural look for your Terrier or Sporting breed?  "Carding" could be the option for you!

To learn more about CARDING visit the "Services" page.




Some Favorite Trans"fur"mations:

Cocker/Maltese Mix

Personality Trim

Pug/Poodle/Terrier Mix

Personality Trim


coat carded, not clipped.

breed standard trim.

Cairn Terrier

Coat carded, not clipped.

breed standard trim.

Cocker Spaniel Pup

Breed standard Trim.

Coat carded, not clipped.

Yorkie Pup

Teddy Bear Trim


pet length breed standard trim.

Yorkshire Terrier

 Full coated trim, with natural ears.

Terrier Mix

Coat "carded", not clipped.

"personality trim"

Schnauzer Mix,

"personality trim"


 Pekingese- Poodle Mix

"personality trim"


Breed standard trim.

Irish Setter, de-matted and coat carded, not clippered, to restore color.




half length "pet trim"

American Cocker Spaniel

pet length breed trim with coat carded, not clipped.



Shih Tzu-Mix

"personality clip"

Yorkie-Maltese Mix

"personality trim"







Poodle Mix

"personality trim"

"Sheltie" or Shetland Sheepdog

breed standard trim



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