Our Clients of the Month:

"One Fine Canine"

An exclusive grooming salon experience.

Meet "Sydney" and "Honey."

These two beauties are "sisters from another mother." Sydney is a Yorkshire Terrier and her new sister is "Honey", a rescued Maltese/Yorkie. Honey has come a long way in being willing to trust people and in accepting the grooming process. We always enjoy their visits here.


Last Month's Featured Client:

"One Fine Canine"

An exclusive grooming salon experience.

Meet "Harry!"

Harold, AKA "Harry," is a long time client of ours. He is a wonderful little guy....so sweet and laid back. He even took a little nap after his photo shoot...yep, he is just THAT comfortable here. :) We enjoy Harry when he visits.

Harry is a Havenese. These are happy and intelligent little dogs with very soft coats that do require a lot of attention to maintain.


It's time to go home!

"Harry" the Havanese from Rochester, NY makes himself at home.

"Bernard" the Lhasa mix from Rochester, NY is a good puppy.

"Misty" the Lhasa Apso from Rochester, NY is watching for her mom.

"Finnegan" the Cairn Terrier from Perinton, NY. That tail is always wagging.

Miss "Macy" the Shih Tzu, from Webster, NY is content to wait for mom.

"Molly" the Shih Tzu, from Irondequoit, NY is looking for the kids.

"Tucker" the Scottie from Irondequoit, NY says "lets go, lets go!"

Waiting for mom and dad is so hard!


"Shiloh" the Cockapoo, from Rochester, NY...is happy to relax.

Molly the Shih Tzu gets some playtime in after her appointment.

"Nelson" and "Shiloh", Cockapoos, from Rochester, NY love to hang out.

"Shiloh" the Yorkie from Webster, NY is begging me to call mom!

"Chewie" the Pekingese from Rochester, NY feels great!

RIP "Miss Annie", the Schnauzer from Irondequoit, NY. We will miss her.

"Sofie" and "Vincent", Westies from Penfield, NY are such good dogs.



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